Parental Control

Alvosenet Parental Control Tool [Online Code]

Alvosenet Parental Control protects your kids from unsecure online activities and dangerous behaviors in their daily life.Alvosenet Parental Control provides comprehensive security monitoring for your child’s online activities including web browsing, online search, social network messages, emails, and file downloading. Keyword matching allows you to block or monitor online activities and Internet applications based on your security concerns. …

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McAfee Parental Controls

McAfee Parental Controls helps parents protect their children from the unknown dangers of the Internet. It lets parents manage how each child can communicate across the Internet, and includes child-specific settings for Web pages, chat filtering, objectionable-word filtering, online time limits, and more. You can customize McAfee Parental Controls for each child by adding words or Web sites …

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CyberPatrol Parental Controls 7.7

It’s a fact. Many kids don’t tell their parents what they do online. They give out their personal information to people they don’t know. They’re stalked by predators in chat rooms and social networking sites. They’re cyber bullied by other kids. They visit websites that contain content you don’t want them to see. They download files that are …

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