McAfee Parental Controls

McAfee Parental Controls helps parents protect their children from the unknown dangers of the Internet. It lets parents manage how each child can communicate across the Internet, and includes child-specific settings for Web pages, chat filtering, objectionable-word filtering, online time limits, and more. You can customize McAfee Parental Controls for each child by adding words or Web sites you want to prevent that child from seeing while surfing the Internet. McAfee Parental Controls provides the protection you need and want while still allowing your child to use the Internet independently. McAfee Parental Controls can also prevent your personal identification and financial information--name, phone number, address, credit card and bank account numbers--from being transmitted over the Internet without your permission, enhancing your privacy and helping to protect your identity and that of your family. McAfee Parental Controls also offers chat-filtering protection for both instant messaging and chat rooms. Your child won't be exposed to unsuitable discussion or send personal information inadvertently. If a Web page gets wrongly blocked, simply type in the master password to allow access always or even just one time. This ensures complete customization. Set up as many users as you want with McAfee Parental Controls. Each user has their own user ID and password for protection. You can set Internet time limits with McAfee Parental Controls, and easily track a user's activity with the activity logs. These are only presented to the master user so no one else is able to tamper with them.

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