Alvosenet Parental Control Tool [Online Code]

Alvosenet Parental Control protects your kids from unsecure online activities and dangerous behaviors in their daily life.Alvosenet Parental Control provides comprehensive security monitoring for your child’s online activities including web browsing, online search, social network messages, emails, and file downloading. Keyword matching allows you to block or monitor online activities and Internet applications based on your security concerns. Security reports keep you updated about risky activities captured.Why Choose Alvosenet?Distinguishing Features Not Matched by Other Products : Security Keyword Matching for Specific Security ConcernsAlvosenet uses keyword matching to monitor or block targeted websites. This unique feature enables parents to address specific, individual concerns by entering their security keywords.Configuration Options to Customize Security Needs :Alvosenet offers customization to specific security needs comparing with other products, allowing parents to select security options depending on their child’s age and personal security concerns.What can Alvosenet do?Monitor and record online activities including internet browsing, web searches, emails and social networks.Check and match security keywords of your choice to identify or block any content that you would like to monitor or restrict based on your personal concerns.Block and filter inappropriate websites, messengers, web browsers, file downloading, and more.Report and alert activities matching your security concerns through security reports, allow you to stay updated on your child’s online activities and identify potential problems in their daily lives.How to use Alvosenet?The computer and internet can be dangerous for children when left not monitored. Pornography, information about drugs and alcohol, contact with strangers, and other potential threats can be accessed easily by young children or sought out by curious teens.Alvosenet Parental Control allows you to easily monitor your child’s online activities to ensure their safety and alert you to activities that may reflect risky offline behaviors. Customized keyword matching allows activities related to your security concerns, such as "drugs", "alcohol" or “sex”, to be monitored or blocked. Periodical reports provide updates on your child’s risky online activities, helping you to identify potential online and offline problems. You can also limit activities on your child’s computer by choosing to block social networks, websites, Internet applications or even web browsers using Alvosenet.PC Minimum System Requirements:PC Recommended System Requirements:Processor:   1.70 GHzRAM:   2.0 GBHard Disk:   1.0 GBVideo Card:   NoSupported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XPAdditional Requirements:   Notes for Download and Installation :When you launch the link for product download and installation, you will be asked to enter "Order Number". Please note this is not the order number you get from Amazon. It is the order number provided by our website that will be opened for you to sign up for an account. You will be provided an Alvosenet Order Number that you will enter in the installation dialog box to continue your installation.

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